16 May

10 things to keep in mind about medical nonwoven fabrics

Medical non-woven fabrics, as the ultimate packaging materials for sterilised medical products, and for significant medical applications such as body coveralls, sheets, caps, covers, face masks filter media and more. These medical nonwovens have undergone continual update and innovation owing to the swift development and supply need. The reasons are its sustainability, durability, and range of purposes. 

Medical nonwoven fabrics have effectively entered the disinfection supply. Manufacturers are further supplying to various hospitals and pharmacies, making it one of the most critical parts of the medical supplies of the healthcare and hygiene industry. 

You must pay attention to these ten features of medical nonwoven fabrics in order to monitor their quality.

  • Medical nonwoven fabrics differ from nonwoven fabrics in general and composite nonwoven fabrics in particular.
    1. General non-woven fabrics do not have bacteria resistance.
    2. Composite non-woven materials offer a good waterproof performance and low air permeability and are used in surgical gowns and surgical bedsheets.
    3. Spun-bond, melt-blown, and spun-bond (SMS) methods are used to create medical nonwoven fabrics. It’s made by pressing and offers antibacterial, hydrophobic, breathable, and dander-free properties. It is used for sterilised items’ final packaging. It is disposable need no cleaning.
  • Non-woven fabric quality criteria: Medical non-woven fabric used for the coverall, suitable media for surgical wears, coverall, shoe covers and hair caps, surgical face masks, particulate respirators, and cartridge filters, sanitized medical equipment must meet the physical and chemical requirements.
  • Non-woven fabric is safe to use: The correct term for medical nonwoven fabric is typically 2 to 3 years, with the validity period of products from different manufacturers varying somewhat. Please follow the usage instructions.
  • The sterile objects packaged in medical non-woven fabric should have a 180-day expiration date and must not get affected by sterlization. The nonwoven fabric used to filter media for masks, coverall, suitable media for surgical wears should have a weight of 55 to 95 GSM.
  • When using medical non-woven fabric to package coverall, suitable media for surgical wears, coverall, shoe covers and hair caps, surgical face masks, particulate respirators, and cartridge filters, one must adopt a closed packaging method. Nonwoven fabrics should be packaged in two layers. Repeated folding can create a lengthy curving channel that keeps microbes out of the package.
  • The internal results are often altered after high-temperature sterilisation of medical non-woven fabric, affecting the sterilisation medium’s penetration and anti-bacterial effectiveness. As a result, medical nonwoven fabric should not be sterilised many times.
  • Due to the obvious hydrophobic qualities of nonwoven textiles, bulky and heavy metal equipment may be sterilised at high temperatures, and condensation water forms during the cooling process, making wet packs simple to make. As a result, pad water-absorbing materials in large equipment packages, limit the sterilizer’s loading capacity appropriately, leave spaces between sterilisation packages, extend the drying time correctly, and avoid wet bags.
  • Medical non-woven fabrics are related to the sterilising quality of medical devices, despite the fact that they are not medical equipment. Due to the reason that they ensure sterility, hence impacting the overall sterilization quality of the medical device when used as a packaging material.
  • Quality of the nonwoven fabric: To assure the quality of the items utilised, check the physical and chemical qualities of the medical non-woven fabric.
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