PARK GREEN INITIATIVES: Protecting Earth’s Ecosystems

PARK Group is actively employing various activities and processes as a part of our ongoing endeavours towards environmental sustainability. We identify actions to reduce, remedy, and avoid significant adverse impacts on ecosystems and the communities. Besides, the products at our facilities are manufactured in an environment-friendly and quality focused manner to ensure that we do our best towards sustainable development. We strive to improve our performance continuously & be the best in what we do.


Environmental Management Process


We aim to pass on a clean environment and bountiful society to the next generation. We understand that our actions have a great effect on our Earth’s future, and we must make every effort to preserve our environment.

PARK Nonwoven is committed to:

  • Protection of environment including prevention of pollution, sustainable use of natural resources, climate change mitigation by our ongoing activities such as – sapling plantations, promoting greener lifestyle and transportation, car-pooling endeavours and more
  • Maintain and improve Environmental Management Initiatives across plants to enhance environmental performance.
  • We strictly follow all the environmental laws and follow internal standards.
  • Ensure prevention of water pollution & land contamination as per global sustainable development policies.
  • We constantly collaborate with our customers, suppliers, and community to take such measures.

We achieve these commitments by following:

  • Actively initiating plantation drives. Every now and then we observe sapling plantation drives by collaborating with local communities.
  • We focus on continuous reduction in the use of energy to mitigate climate change.
  • We practice 3Rs to ensure sustainable use of natural resources – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
  • We strive towards spreading awareness, communications, and environmental training as an ongoing practice through our newsletters, press releases and other media releases.