Acoustic And Heat Insulating Material

Product Introduction

PARK sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material is produced by combining the synthetic fibers of PP+PET or PBT+PET. The bi-component material is a three-dimensional network structure known for its light weight, fluffiness, high resilience and thermal resistance, leading to better sound-absorbing and heat-insulating performance. One of the key benefits of this is a reduction in energy consumption, and therefore lower costs. Online composite (PP/PET) spunbond non-woven fabric increases the material strength and heat-insulating effect, giving our clients added convenience when it comes to processing, while at the same time offering them variety in terms of how the product looks due to the ability to laminate the fabric in different colors.


The bi-component material can reduce noise energy in high noise environments, and the light weight helps to reduce motion energy consumption while maintaining high resistance of heat conduction under high temperatures. This leads to better efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced energy costs for the client. The material is widely used in interior sandwich, top fabric lining and for other parts in auto and high-speed trains etc.

CLASSICAL & Heat Resistant TYPEBasic wt. g/m2Thickness mmCOMPOSITIONMoisture Regain %
Note :- We can produce different weight based on the customer’s requirements. Also laminate the different colors of spun bond non-woven fabric to our sound-absorbing and heat insulating material.