Activated Carbon Composite Filter Media

Product Introduction

Activated Carbon Composite Filter Media can effectively remove formaldehyde, absorb small particles in the air and has anti-bacterial properties. Due to its high particle filtration efficiency and ability to absorb odours and chemical vapours, activated carbon is perfect for use in filter media. Its absorption capabilities are greater than those of other carbon loaded products. It is also widely used in industry, medicine and defence.

Product Performance

  • Quickly removes benzene, formaldehyde, odorous gas and other harmful gases, wherever it is brought into effect.
  • Double-effect and multi-effect function helps to achieve very clean levels of air ventilation.
  • Choice of different performance granular carbon is done in order to meet different operating environments.
  • Multi-layer composite material to achieve gradient filtering effect, increasing the dust loading capacity and extending service life.
  • Low-resistance filter material, low energy consumption, fast air circulation.
PMC-200-C260- 3501-27-2210-99200
Test Method: TSI 8130 NaCl, 0.3µm@32 L/min, 100cm²