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Activated Carbon Composite Filter Media helps in controlling Airborne Toxic Pollutants: Is That True?

In today’s world, dealing with environmental pollution has become the need of the hour. Environmental pollution, be it land, water, or air, caused by toxic elements is creating havoc to the environment. This not only is creating destruction to biodiversity but also immensely hampering human health. With increasing pollution levels increasing day-by-day, we need better technological advancements to cater to the prevailing issue of giving respite from toxic and non-toxic air pollutants. There are many sources and methods of filtration, such as nanotechnology and melt-blown nonwoven fabric filtration, carbon filtering methods, such as activated carbon filter media in melt-blown technology, and many more.

Park Nonwoven has recently launched its one of a kind activated Carbon meltblown filter media known as ‘CarboMelt’.

Active Carbon Filter Media

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Filtration with these methods offers many advantages to improve existing environmental technologies and create new technologies that are always better than the current technology. Three main capabilities that can be applied in this field of environmental cleansing is: clean-up [remediation], purification, and detection of contaminants [sensing and detection].

non-toxic air pollutants

What does an activated carbon filter remove?

Activated carbon filter media has special properties that remove volatile organic compounds, odours, gaseous pollutants from the air. In addition to it, when it is a composite filter media with melt-blown i.e., Activated Carbon composite with melt-blown nonwoven fabric filter media, it effectively removes formaldehyde, absorbs small particles in the air, and has anti-bacterial properties. The application areas also increase of such an activated carbon filter media such as – medicine, health, household, and defense industry.

This works in a way that is different from other air purifiers such as HEPA which only filters out particle pollution from the air. Activated Carbon filter media traps the gas molecules on a bed of charcoal, a process that is surprisingly unique and latest.

Activated Carbon Meltblown Filter Media

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Let us see the list of elements that Activated Carbon Filter Media composite removes:

  • It has the capacity to remove Airborne toxic pollutants such as – Carbon monoxide [CO], Nitrogen Oxides [NOx], Sulphur Oxides [SOx].
  • Unique Activated Carbon filter media with Meltblown such as CarboMeltTM offers w99.9% Bacterial and Viral Filtration Efficiency.
  • Additionally, it has the ability to remove odours and chemical vapours from the air.

What are activated carbon filters used for?

Activated Carbon Filters have various applications. In a nutshell, it is used for liquid purification, water purification, air and gas purification, besides other industry applications. Let us find its applications at length:

  • For Liquid Purification: In the manufacturing of whiskey and vodka, activated carbon filters are sometimes used to remove organic impurities from beverages. Activated carbon filters out impurities that impacts and affects odour, colours, taste without reducing the alcohol content of the beverage.
  • For Water Purification: It is one of the major uses of activated carbon filters. Activated carbon filters are used in both large- and small-scale products and it is in great demand in such industries. This kind of filters can remove impurities from large-scale, community-wise water systems to smaller residential applications as well.
  • For Air and Gas Purification: Activated Carbon filters out odours, pollutants such as Carbon Mono Oxide [CO], Nitrogen Oxides [NOx] and Sulphur Oxides [SOx] and volatile organic compounds [VOCs] from the air by trapping gas molecules and removing them efficiently from circulation. Activated Carbon Filters are used to detecting and adsorb radon in the air. Besides, it’s gas purification, removes hydrocarbons, oil vapours, odours from the air.
  • For Mercury Toxic Metal Removal: Mercury is a hazardous and common emission of coal-fired power plants or industries. Activated Carbon filters traps these mercury gas and removes it from the air when infused with sulphur or other halogens.
What are activated carbon filters used for?

Is Activated Carbon Filter safe?

By virtue of its legacy, Activated Carbon filters are a safest and most efficient way of filtration of water and air pollutants and odours; however, there are independent health certifications of each filtration system that defines and validates its safety and purity standards. To enhance consumer confidence and ensuring your family confidence highest level of drinking water and air purification standards must be checked from approved bodies. Having said that, an activated carbon filter is good if its filter replacement and maintenance program is of optimal quality as per quality standards and maintains an ongoing high level of performance.

What is an activated carbon filter made of?

Activated Carbon is carbon that is treated with some additional processing making it better at trapping gas molecules. Primarily, it is prepared by injecting with hot air, carbon dioxide, the steam that create a lattice of tiny pores in the carbon, increasing its surface area. This mechanism is extremely well to create more places for molecules and become trapped making carbon far more effective as a filter medium. A single gram of activated carbon can have hundreds of square meters of internal surface area. Most activated carbon is also treated with a chemical that enhances its ability to filter specific pollutants.

Activated Carbon Filters are a unique addition to any air or water purification system. They can be used as a basic or advanced model and one can breathe easily using an activated carbon filter, hence can be used as Meltblown Activated Carbon filter media for masks.

Park Nonwoven is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of Activated Carbon Meltblown Filter Media, commonly known as CarboMELTTMas there newly launched product line.

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