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All You Need to Know about – Filter Bag Media: PPS

dust collector filter bag media

Filter media refers to anything you place in your filter that changes the quality of Air, water or any liquid flowing through it. The primary function of filter media is to hold the engineered soil in place and still prevent small media particles such as plant debris from entering and clogging the drainage layer. There are various kinds of filter fabric to meet your demand such as – nomex(aramid), polyester(pe), pps(polyimide), ptfe, p84, and many more.

The widely used and popular Filter Fabrics – dust fabrics are PP Filter Fabric, Polyester Filter Fabric, PPS Filter Fabric, Nomex Filter Fabric, PTFE Filter Fabric, P84 Filter Fabric, Fiberglass Fabric Filter.

Significance of Filter Media in Bag Filters

Filter Media for bag filters plays an extremely significant role in bag filters. As already known, Bag filters are used for the clarifications of fluids/ air that have a relatively small loading of particles to be removed. The particle suspension passes through and the particles settle in the bag.

PPS Fabric: Features & Specifications

PPS Filter Fabric made by 100% Ryton fiber which with special trefoiled shape. COX needle PPS fabric cloth made of quality fibers is best suited for filtration of gases mixed with content of sulfur and moisture.

PPS Filter fabric is popular filter material that is required to bear the high temperatures. PPS filter fabric and filter bags can bear chemistry naturing inherently and keep fine filtration performance among the awful environment, reaching ideal service filter. PPS (Polyphenylene Sulphide) is a filter bag media that is commonly used in dust collection applications where excellent resistance to acids and alkaline in required.

Cement, Chemicals and Carbon black applications are a few industries that frequently utilize PPS filter bags.

PPS Filter fabric and filter bags is the ideal filter media which can widely be used in coal boiler, rubbish incinerator, power plants of fly ash filtering of pulse clear dust catcher.

The general working temperature of Ryton filter fabric and Ryton filter bags below 190 ℃ under flue gas conditions, and the bag can only resistance temperature below 130 ℃, such as pet (polyester), pp (polypropylene), acrylic, nylon and other chemical filter fabric and filter bag.  

Needle PPS filter bag fabric cloth mainly used in steel, metallurgy, cement plant, nonferrous metal, bitumen, firepower electricity generation, coke, fireproof materials and other coal powered fields for dust removal.

PPS is one of the most important high temparature thermoplastic polymers as it exhibits a number of desirable properties.

polyester filter fabric

PARK Non-woven is specialized in nonwoven filter fabrics for liquid-solid filtration and separation. We dedicate to help our customers to meet their requirements of various filter media during production, improve the efficiency and productivity by our innovative and excellent filter fabrics.  

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