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High Silica fiberglass is developed as a high-temperature type product based on material with more than 90% of Silica component. Silica mat/ Silica blanket has a good effect on sound absorption and heat insulation. Glass fiber yarn Is used as raw material and cut into a fixed length, after card and layer and later sent into the needled loom and then punched not mat. This is how fiberglass needled mat is prepared.

Some of the outstanding properties are Silica fiberglass material with low thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to high-temperature insulators. They can be used over long durations without even losing the properties without melting or vaporising temperatures hence have a high-temperature range of 1000 ºC and sometimes 1300 ºC for shorter durations.

What is Polypropylene Fiber?

Polypropylene fiber commonly known as PP is a synthetic fiber, a by-product of Petroleum, transformed from 85% propylene and used in a variety of applications. The fiber is thermoplastic resilient, lightweight, and resistant to mildew and many chemicals. It is essentially a biologically inert and considered non-toxic.

Is Fiberglass Needle Mat non-combustible? Does Fiberglass Needle Mat have good sound absorption?

Fibreglass needle mat

Fiberglass needle mat is constructed of continuous fiberglass yarns or chopped strands and strewn in continuous thousands of needles. There is no knitted material used to bond together neither any binder to bind the mat together. It is a kind of inorganic non-woven fiberglass needle mat that has excellent acoustic [noise] elimination and heat insulation. Relative to the woven filter material, it has twice as fast and up to 99.9% dust filtration efficiency. The working temperature of fiberglass needle mats/ high silica fiberglass can be up to 800 °C for a short duration and continuously working at 550°C. High silica needle mats are suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 2012 °F (1100 °C). PARK Nonwoven is one of the top PP Fiberglass Mat Manufacturers in the industry and the products manufactured are widely used as thermal and acoustic insulation material for electrical equipment, air conditioners, industrial boiler, muffler, exhaust pipe, and many more areas.

What are the Top Qualities of Fiberglass Needled Mat or PP Glass Fiber Felt?

The special qualities of PP Fiberglass Mat from PARK Nonwoven are as follows:

  • Good Resin Flowability.
  • Abrasion Resistance.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Best Impregnation capability.
  • Good Dimensional stability and anti-erosion.
  • Skin Friendly and not harmful to health.
  • Lightweight, easy to cut, and flexible.
PP Fibreglass Mat

What are the applications of DV 500 Silica Mat?

DV 500 Silica Mat or Silica Blanket is high silica fiberglass, has a very high heat an acoustic insulation feature. Find the list of various applications that DV Silica Mat has varied Industries below:

  • Catalytic Converters
  • Muffler Insulation
  • Heat Shields
  • Acoustic Insulations
  • Furnace & Boiler Linings
  • Heat And Acoustic Insulation

Typical Properties of DV 500 Silica Mat

Here are some of the typical properties of the DV Silica Blanket/ mat from Park Nonwoven.

  • Thickness – 1/8”,1/4”,1/2”,1”
  • Roll Width – 24 – 60 Inches
  • Melting Temperature – 1523o F
  • Withstand Temperature Upto 1500o F
  • Zero Flame and Zero Smoke Index
  • Non-Respirable 9 Micron Fibre

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