Because every dust filter has its own features and filter system parameters, select the filter medium must consider the following parameters: temperature, moisture, dust, gas, chemical properties, dust diameter, gas chemical property, dust grinding property, dust remover mechanism, such as cleaning manner, installations, etc. In general, the dust removal filter bag is used for industrial wasted gas filtration powder dust filtration, useful dust, high temperature gas dust removal, etc. for various kinds of dust removal equipment filter.

For dust removal filter bag specifications: diameter (mm) : ¢100, ¢120, 125, 130, ¢150 ¢, ¢¢180, ¢250, length: no limit; Special specifications can be customized.

Metamax high temperature dust filtration bag

Besides Metamax high temperature dust filtration bag made of polyester fibre has good spinnability and wearability, its biggest feature is the good heat resistance and flame retardant, and infusibility. Its fibre oxygen index is 29%, not self-ignition. In addition, it has good dimensional stability. Compared with glass fibre, its abrasion resistance, folding resistance is incomparable with fibreglass. It has high temperature resistance, long service life, so, selecting this bag is the priority for the high temperature filtration. It is mainly applied in flue gas purification in the cement industry, asphalt industry, metallurgical industry, and the tobacco industry , especially widely used in the asphalt industry.

  • Product name: AR\AR A500SG
  • Fibre: 100%Aramid
  • Engine cabin
  • Base cloth 100%Aramid
  • Weight: 500g/m2
  • Thk: 2.1mm
  • Density: 0.24g/cm3
  • Air Permeability: 150L/dm2.min
  • Fracture strength – longitudinal ≥800 N/5cm
  • Fracture strength, transverse: ≥1000 N/5cm
  • Elongation @200N/5cm- longitudinal < 5%
  • Elongation @200N/5cm- transverse < 5%
  • Thermal contraction: @250degC,90min 1%
  • Bursting strength > 300 N/cm2
  • Continuous Working Temperature 200 ℃
  • Instantaneous working temperature: 240 ℃

PPS high temperature dust filtration bag

PPS filter felt is made of Germany imported polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) fibre according to the production process of high temperature resistant filter felt. It is the main high temperature resistance filtration materials. PPS needled felt has excellent performance in the application of the following situations.

  • The working temperature 170 ℃, short-time working temperature 232 ℃, melting point 285 ℃, limit oxygen index of 34 ~ 35.
  • Applicable at oxygen levels 15% or below
  • There is sulphur in the fuel or sulphur oxide in flue gas at the condition. The fibre has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, chemical resistance.
  • Contain moisture in the flue.
  • Under the condition of temperature 190 ℃ ~ 232 ℃ in the mining industry, the gas/ cloth ratio is at 5:1 in the on-line ash removal and gas/ cloth ratio at 6:1 in off-line ash removal , PPS filter bag proved to have excellent performance record. Widely used in power plant.

PPS needled filter felt with high temperature resistance, resistant to acid and alkali

  • Material polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
  • Weight: g/m 500
  • Thk: mm 2.0
  • Working tem. (at moment) 232 ℃
  • Working tem. (long time) 80 ~ 190 ℃
  • Breaking strength (warp) 1200N/5× 20cm
  • Breaking strength (tranvers) 1400N/5× 20cm
  • Acid resistance: excellent
  • Alkali resistance: good
  • Air permeability: 12 ~ 16
  • Post treatment: singeing, calendering, heat setting, PTFE impregnated, PTFE coating

PPS fibre with full strength holding properties and intrinsic chemical resistance, can keep good filtering performance in harsh environment, and achieve the ideal life span. Filtering in coal boiler, garbage incinerators and power plant pulse type dust precipitator, PPS felt is the ideal filter material.

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    Anti-static dust filtration bag

    In case of electrostatic discharge spark or external ignition factors, industrial dust after reaching certain concentration will easily cause explosion and fire, such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. at electrostatic discharge condition. In the bag dust removal process, if bag is used to collect the dust, it must make dust filtering bag with antistatic property.

    Good acid, weak alkali resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, re-shaping feature

    Polyester anti-static needle felt has smooth surface, good wear resistance, high strength. After twisting joint connection, it even has higher strength, better wear resistance, good air permeability and fast water leakaging, and convenient cleaning.

    • Weight ( g/㎡ ) 500
    • Thickness: ( mm ) 1.8
    • Air permeability ( L/dm2.min ) 16
    • Breaking strength N/5 cm
    • Warp: > 610
    • Warp cross > 1100
    • Continuous Working Temperature ( ℃ ) 130
    • Surface electric resistance ( Ω ) 4.8×10
    • Volume electric resistance ( Ω ) 8.7×10
    • Friction potential ( V ): 250
    • Surface charge density: ( MC/M2 ) 3.4

    Filter bag specification

    NameFibre compositionWeight (g/m2)THK (mm)Porosity (m3/m2 min)Break strength (long)Break strength (Horiz)Working Tem.℃ (cont)Working Tem.℃ (temp)Surface treatment
    (PE) anti-oil and water punched feltPE/PE5001.6512±39001100130150Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing, waterproof and anti-oil
    (PP) punched feltPP/PE5001.712±3800100080100Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing,
    (PAN) punched feltPAN/PAN5001.812±38001000110120Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing
    (PPS) anti-oil and water punched feltPPS/PPS5001.5510±3550600170190Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing, waterproof and anti-oil
    METAMAX punched feltMX/MX500214±26001900200200Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing
    P84 punched feltP84/GL8001.810±320002200250300Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing
    (PTFE) punched feltPTFE/PTFE800215±2600700250300Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing, PTFE treatment
    METAMAX punched feltMX/MX500210±39001100204240Single singeing, pressure smooth thermal finishing


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