EPP is a material with “expanded properties” that translates to excellent lightness-to-strength ratio – allowing optimization of volumes and weights. It has excellent resistance to multiple impacts and high energy-absorbing property, making it an ideal material for the protection components in the automotive industry. The components made of EPP help in reducing fuel consumption and emissions too.

Expanded Polypropylene or EPP brings in a host of benefits that can deliver immense value add for the commuters in terms of safety and comfort. Some of its characteristics include:

  • Withstands hard impacts
  • Flexible and Robust
  • Offers high degree stability

The multiple benefits make EPP an integral part of high-performance components, used in various applications. It is in the automotive industry, however, that EPP demonstrates the best results, with optimized protection components and ultra-light materials – increasing the product efficiency substantially.

PARK specializes in manufacturing Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) molds known for energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, and water and chemical resistance. An environment-friendly product, it can be recycled easily and is 100% non-toxic, containing no CFC or any other blowing agents.

EPP (expandable Polypropylene) Is a closed-cell foam material highly Flexible, Lightweight, Environmentally Friendly. It has high absorbing properties and can be hit over and over again Without Denting or Breaking.

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Expanded Polypropylene

    Only Material Having a Resistance to Common Chemicals such as Petrol and Acetone.

    EPP moulds are used within various parts in automotives, such as:

    • Sunvisors
    • Head Rest
    • Bumper Core
    • Door Pads
    • Tool Box
    • Floor Pads
    • Luggage Boxes
    • Electronics & Communications packaging

    EPP Packaging Box used as EPP Dunnage & Drones:

    EPP moulds are used within various parts in non automotives, such as:

    • EPP Packaging for Dunnage
    • EPP Packaging Box for Drones

    Benefit of EPP Vs Another Part

    Item DescriptionEPP Material in SeatingEPS / Thermoforming Chip foam/ Blow Molding
    Part Dimension AccuracySince its molded part so we ca Achieve Good Dim Control ±0.5% (± 5 mm/ 1000 mm)Dimension Accuracy is Normal & Cannot Control Less the ± 1 % (±10 mm/ 1000mm).
    Shape Retain during use ( Durability)Longer Time same shape retain as its Molded parts & close cell structure.
    It’s Give cushioning Effect so it can absorb Heavy Impact load During any Accident
    In EPS also close shape Structure but Dim. Accuracy in compere to EPP its less.
    EPS Have breakable structure resulting During Impact it get Crack (May Failure Happen)
    Flammability RateAvg. 45 mm / Min against std Requirement 100 mm/ min (Report Attached)In EPS & Chip foam both Flammability test performance poor (90 mm/min & 108 mm/ min Respectively)
    Breaking StrengthEPP have good cushioning impact & Breaking strength is good & bear the load during impact LoadEPS has Low Breaking strength & it’s get break during impact load


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