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How India Outstandingly Ramped-Up its PPE Kit, Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturing, PP Coverall for Fighting COVID 19 Pandemic

Until recently [precisely January-2020], India was nowhere in the picture for PPE Kit Manufacturing or PP Coverall Manufacturing. Only after the declaration of Pandemic that PP Coverall and PPE kits started manufacturing in India. PP Coverall is only a single component of the PPE Kit; however, there were no PP Coveralls with the seam tapes that were manufactured in India. That too, out of 2.75 lakh PPE kits that were with the country in January 2020, were mostly imported from other parts of the world. In few weeks only, India did exceedingly well and ramped up their PPE Kit production so that two lakh kits could have been produced every single day. India had around 16 lakhs approx. in centre-state buffet stock. These efforts from the PP Coverall manufacturers In India and Meltblown nonwoven fabric manufacturer in India made it possible for healthcare workers to have the support the need of the hour and fight against COVID19 and make people recover fast.

Top PPE Kits Manufacturing in India: Why India took proactive measures

Until now, most of the PP coverall and PPE kits were made in China. And such PPE Kits and PP Coverall are of very poor quality. There had been as escalating anti-Chinese sentiments in the minds of people and healthcare workers globally as PP Coverall fabric manufacturing and Meltblown Fabric Manufacturing is a critical part for optimum safety of the frontline healthcare workers.

What is a PPE Kit made of?

PPE kit is an essential part of the daily life of healthcare workers especially in times like this. Primarily, a PPE Kits consists of PP Body Coverall made up of Microporous fabric that is composed of Nonwoven Fabric laminated with a Micro-porous film, N95 masks, Surgical masks, head covers, face shields, gowns, shoe covers to provide such healthcare professionals the most comprehensive protection against coronavirus.

What is the use of PPE Kits/ PP Body Coverall?

The primary goal of the PPE Kits is to attain best, comprehensive, and robust protection for the mouth, nose, eye, body from infected droplets that may carry infectious coronavirus and or other bacterial or viral microbes. The best quality PP Body Coverall protects the skin from the virus completely and impart higher resistance property. The PP Kits/ PP Body Coverall should be impermeable to various kinds of body fluids, including mucus, salivary droplets, phlegm, blood, etc. It must be such that the form and fit should be always maintained. For this reason, the fabric media which is Meltblown nonwoven fabric manufacturer must be highly recognized and provide best in class and high-quality microporous nonwoven.

Park nonwoven is highly recognized in the industry for manufacturing supreme quality Microporous Nonwoven fabric laminated with a microporous film. The microporous size is larger than the water droplets and smaller to moisture vapour to hold the liquid and blood penetration. Check out the product specifications here > Check Here


  • There are 110 various domestic PP Fabric manufacturers that are identified by the Government.
  • The main areas of concern were logistical which is getting resolved with every passing day.
  • Issues such as – transportation, labour, raw materials, and related issues are handled efficiently. Park Nonwoven – top manufacturer of PP Spunbond, meltblown products, is hugely in-demand, we are manufacturing and supplying tonnes of Spunbond, meltblown fabric every day across the country and overseas.
  • Interestingly, The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued guidelines for optimum and rational use of PPE kits.
  • Special instructions are being circulated to govern the use of the raw material such as Spunbond fabric, meltblown fabric and other raw material for making PP Body Coverall/ PPE Kits.  
  • The ministry has also laid out plans to provide detailed information on everything related to meltblown fabric manufacturer and manufacturing and its usage in diverse setting and situations.
  • These guidelines have been constructed on material availability as well as technical requirements for enhanced protection for healthcare professionals.
  • All such requirements are being processed/ developed after consulting the expert team of medical practitioner under guidance and supplied after thorough quality checks as per the guidelines laid out.

What are the certifications required for PPE KITS?


By May 2020, India had many laboratories [9 precisely] that were empowered with the Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Test facilities which are essentials to produce the PPE Kits. These labs were needed to attain certain necessary approvals to carry out the tests as well as PPE kits required to fight COVID-19.

These labs include:

  • Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDO), Gwalior
  • South India Textiles Research Association (SITRA), Coimbatore
  • six laboratories that operate under the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB)

Park Nonwoven is certified by all the above bodies and is acclaimed globally for its high-quality products.

Check out the Product Specifications here >Micro-porous Fabric

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