Our HVAC Air Filter Media is developed to filter the fine dust particles and perform at high efficiencies. With an increase in Air Pollution, HVAC Air Filter system serves an important role in delivering good quality Indoor Air quality. PARK offers a variety of air filter media that meet or exceed various Globalstandards, offers low-pressure drop, energy savings and longer media life.

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HEPA Filter Media/ ULPA Filter Media

  • PARK HEPA and ULPA air filter media is particularly engineered for use in a wide range of absolute clean air applications that provide the highest available efficiency at a minimal resistance to airflow.
  • Our media has high uniformity for consistent air filtration performance and high dust holding capacity.
  • The HEPA Air filter media is designed for use in all types of air filtration applications including those with harsh environments such as turbine intake air and nuclear exhaust applications.


  • Sound infrastructure equipped with modern tools and machinery
  • Stringent quality process is overseen by expert examiners
  • Experienced team with in-depth knowledge about PP Filter Media