Jute felt is a fabric of matted, compressed jute Fibers and sometimes mixed with Fibers. Jute Felt is being increasingly used as an industrial good, especially for insulation and Acoustic.

Jute felts are completely Bio-degradable and strong products and degrades without leaving harmful traces. The Jute felt absorbs moistures, upto 5 times of its own weight, which is useful for plantation, landscaping in dry periods.


Material%Jute, PP
WeightG/m2400-3000 GSM
Felt TypemethodNeedled Punch


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Expanded Polypropylene

    Jute Felt Applications

    • Using in Landscaping
    • For Filtration
    • For Industrial Use
    • Tree Nursery Field
    • Erosion Control
    • To Protect Trees from Snow

    Jute Mat

    • Jute mat is the erosion control geotextile made of jute caddies.
    • Jute mat acts as a mulch and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment, while protecting topsoil from erosion.
    • Jute mat is 100% natural and biodegrade over time.
    • Jute mat reduces heat absorption. Flexible and strong when being laid.

    Jute Mat Applications

    • Coastal and high wind sites
    • Wetland and riparian batters
    • Garden and revegetating beds
    • Slopes
    • Landscape or roadsides


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