06 May

NEW Beginnings at IDEA 22 Miami and FILTECH 22 Events, more on innovation and sustainability!

As this issue went to press, the global nonwovens industry was convening for the IDEA 2022 trade exhibition in Miami Beach, FL, North America’s largest nonwovens-related gathering.

In the three years since the last IDEA Exhibition and Conference, the global nonwovens industry has seen an unprecedented rate of expansion with new line investments representing all types of nonwovens technology and impacting all the major world regions. So, is with PARK Group, we have been instrumental in supplying world-class innovative materials to global demands in the critical Pandemic situation along with domestic requirements.

Some Glimpses from Global Events:

meltblown respirator filter fabric

The global rate of decline due to the Covid 19 Pandemic is approximately 3% [approximately], owing to the global economic downturn and lockdown efforts to control the outbreak. Similarly, in India, industry remained in a state of delayed production, particularly among automobile businesses (one of the major consumers affected by production downtime), which had a substantial impact on overall revenues.

PARK Group, as one of the most reliable and well-known manufacturers of technical textiles and nonwovens, remained a major contributor to the worldwide textile market, meeting the majority of healthcare industry needs, particularly during the pandemic. Our meltblown respirator filter fabric production has increased by 200 percent in the previous 15 months, as has our production of activated carbon meltblown and other nonwovens in the medical and healthcare industry.

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While revenues from other sectors were impacted during the peak of the pandemic waves, increased demand for medical products such as PPE Kits, masks, and respirators has boosted production of a handful of our product lines contributing to the substantial growth.

The focus on sustainability will begin to sharpen as this new capacity boots up and opens up new avenues for all types of innovative nonwovens. While this is seen on shop shelves with the rise of natural-based products and product lines, it is even more visible when looking at the nonwovens supply chain. Nonwovens suppliers, sellers, and users are always seeking for methods to make their product lines greener and reduce the environmental effect of their overall production processes. This year we look forward to attaining patented products to maintain the edge in the industry that are sustainable produced and help our customers on their green journey. Our story will be based on taking a unique path toward sustainability.

These measures will undoubtedly assist to enhance the global nonwovens industry’s environmental imprint for future generations.

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