Needled fiberglass felt/mat is manufactured from non-woven fiberglass fibers. It has variety of applications and designed to be used in aerospace, automotive, construction and industrial applications. Specific applications of Needle fiberglass insulation material include furnace and oven insulation, removable pads, pipe insulation, power generating equipment and many other.

Additionally, use PP glass fiber composite into mat and after pressing together the fabric can be used in the auto parts such as: headlining, rear parcel shelf, sun visor, splash shield and more.

PP glass fiber also can be processed into PP glass fiber board, in order to delivery and package easily. After re-baked the PP glass fiber board, it can return to shape in the form of 1.5 to 3 times thicker blanket and then by pressing to match demand.


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    • Non-inflammable. Light Weight, high strength excellent insulation material.
    • After moulding- good dimensional stability.
    • Non-benzene, aldehyde and phenol volatile with no remains.
    • Thermal Conductivity of .43 at 5000 F and .53 at 649 0 F.

    • Alternative to asbestos and ceramic based insulation materials.
    • Produced from an extremely pure base fiber [SiO2]and can be used at 20000 F/ 1093 0 Fcontinuously with excursions to 30000 F/ 16500 F.
    • Bio-soluble, organic free, vitreous silicate mineral fiber.
    • Melts above 30000 F/ 16480 F.



    • Car Headlines
    • Interior Components for Automotive
    • Engine Heat Shield
    • Car Underbody Heat Shield


    • Sandwiching between layers of blanket & curtains
    • Building Roofs and Floors
    • Interior for Building
    • In Sandwich Structure

    Filter bag specification

    NamePart Number Thickness in/ mmDensity IBS/ft3 / kg/m3Roll Width in/cmRoll Length ft /m
    Fibreglass Needled – 0.251/4791446015215045.7
    Fibreglass Needled – 0.501/2139144601527522.8
    Fibreglass Needled – 0.753/41911176601524513.7
    Fibreglass Needled – 1.0012511176601524513.7


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