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Non Woven Fabric

Non Woven Fabric

Known for  their resilience, our Non Woven fabrics are suited for achieving a good balance between product use-life and cost. PARK utilizes optimum quality threads by skilled professionals at our highly advanced unit.

The Non Woven fabrics include carpets (Velour/ RIB/ Plane) and headliners. The weight of these products varies from 70-2000 gsm and the maximum width is 4 meters.

The characteristics of Non Woven fabrics are:

  • Good Evenness
  • High Strength
  • Good Tensile Strength
  • Reduced Flammability
  • Excellent Filtration Performance
  • Good humidity Proof

Some of the places where Non Woven fabrics find their application are (and/ or as):

  • Automotive interiors Functional nonwovens: Panox
  • Black Flame retardant
  • PTFE – Coated
  • Anti-Static
  • Anti-Bacteria
  • Oil & water repellent

Products that fall into Non Woven category are:

  • Floor Carpet
  • Seat Back Carpet
  • Trunks Trims
  • Headliner Fabrics
  • PU Cushion Pads

Quality Management

  • Sound infrastructure equipped with modern tools and machinery
  • Stringent quality process overseen by expert examiners
  • Experienced team with in-depth knowledge about Non Woven Fabrics