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PARK Group sharing insights into the immediate future of Filtration

2021 began with hope after last year’s COVID massacre, where customers and manufacturers were impacted globally. Many car manufacturers were shut for months, and dealerships were shut down entirely impacted OES business. PARK Group adjusted in working remotely and quickly were able to maintain supply delivery and levels of service.

PARK Group demonstrate high-quality service delivery standards and social responsibility by providing material for medical and healthcare, filtration, and other verticals on time. We collaborated with numerous other businesses in this crisis and overcome the situation swiftly. Our products: Meltblown Filter media for healthcare, Spunbond filter media, Spunbond fabric, PP meltblown fabric for mask and respirators, activated carbon filter media, to air filter media and dustbag filter media reached high demand industry-wide, owing to its high-efficiency grades.

Working for good at large

We swiftly took action to investigate how our filtration technology could be additionally streamlined to give the most ideal protection against microorganisms. Working with a few renowned research companies, we had the option to freely affirm the high viability of our technology in catching and inactivating viruses and other contagions.

This, fortunately, prompted an expanded trade with numerous global OEMs who were at that point mentioning enhanced filtration efficiency for their cabin air filters. So, even though we encountered a difficult first half of the year 2020, we wound up extremely lucrative growing new open doors in the top-notch filtration area. So, although, vehicle creation halted, interest for advancements flourished and our group dealt with those issues.

The way ahead in 2021-22

While we have seen occasional interest in further developed filtration arrangements from car producers and OEMs previously, we are presently encountering a more prominent mindfulness towards the subjects of better air and further developed cabin air filtration as at no other time. The developing interest in “wellbeing and health” among our OEM clients arrived at new levels. Along with our clients, we need to make the advantages of cabin air filtration more apparent for end-buyers and furthermore spread it into any remaining spaces of portability.

Makers of transports and other public transportation vehicles around the world, for example, have additionally currently expanded their advantage in discovering better answers for furnishing their travellers with cleaner air. By the by, there are yet monstrous difficulties in front of us that we might have the option to defeat together.

Slowly getting back to business as usual

Over the course of the following three years, we expect more with hardships in both OEM creation and how clients should respond as far as keeping up with the OES channel. Remote working and less driving will contrarily affect request levels. However, we likewise see expanded utilization of individual vehicles versus public transportation or utilization of ride-sharing services. Regardless of whether those patterns remain is obscure. Indeed, even urbanization, or potentially an inversion of it, will likewise assume a part in future transportation models. Despite the fact that it’s difficult to make an exact estimate, we don’t see vehicle creation getting back to 2019 levels before a couple of years, in spite of the fact that we expect the OES section to have generally balanced out before the finish of 2022. All things considered, the expanded spotlight on filtration and the need to augment its viability plays straightforwardly to our qualities. As the designer of the cabin air channel, we stay the market leader with regards to advancements dependent on demonstrated technology.

PARK Nonwoven complete range of Automotive Filter Media:

  • Cabin Air filter media ~ LuftPureTM 
  • And Engine Air Filter Media ~ LuftEdgeTM

Speak to us! Together, we will continue to innovate and deliver you the best in the industry to cater world-class products to your customers to protect people and optimize processes all over the world.

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