Pioneers in the industry, Park’s Thermoplastic and Needle Punched Felts are guaranteed high tensile strength, tear-resistant, chemical resistant, and exceptionally durable. We offer economical prices for all your automotive needs.

Weight : 400 – 3000 gsm Maximum Width : 3.0 m

  • Vertical lapped materials have long been recognized for their thermal and acoustic properties and the weight reduction possibilities they offer.
  • The acoustic characteristics of vertical lapped materials – due to the unique vertical arrangement of the fibres within the fabric structure – lead to a high directional surface area, making them ideal for acoustical insulation. A low weight-to-bulk ratio means that vertically-lapped products are foam-like, giving a reduced weight / cost balance at comparable thickness, increased breathability, and greater resilience and compression recovery. Further, vertical lapped materials have high thermal performance (λ ≤ 0,04 W/mK) and are recyclable and non-toxic.
  • The combination of acoustic insulation, weight reduction and component uniformity has been successfully exploited for production of a range of automotive parts, including door insulators, headliner pads, under-carpet insulators, parcel shelves, bonnet protectors, dashboards, wheel arch liners and door components, where weight reduction can help with fuel efficiency.


  • Resinated Felts
  • Cured & Semi Cured
  • PP+GF Felt
  • PP+Jute Felt
  • Thermoplastic Felt
  • Moldable & Unmoldable Felt
  • Needle Punched Felt
  • Polybond Felt
  • Vertical Lapped


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    • High Strength
    • Excellent Noise and Vibration absorption
    • Good Tensile Strength
    • Reduced Flammability
    • Good Thermal Conductivity


    • Sound infrastructure equipped with modern tools and machinery
    • The stringent quality process is overseen by expert examiners
    • Experienced team with in-depth knowledge about Thermoplastic and Needle Punched Felts
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