29 Jan

What are Absorbents? The Right kind of PP Oil absorbent for your business

No matter if it is a chemical spill on the factory floor, splashing water in the office or mall hallway, or moisture creeping out of the chemical or packaged goods in the wrong places, it can wreak havoc on a business and handling professionals also. Slip and fall or transit hazards at the wrong time and places can create confusion on workers’ compensation and missed days from work, sometimes oil spillage or chemical spillage could cause much harm to the environment at large, and lead to even worse situations. Oil absorbents and chemical absorbents, and absorbents for oil or chemical spillage hence becomes critical to ensure these hazards can be contained and managed in a timely manner.

PARK Nonwoven has more than 25 years of track record in providing the best solutions for both filter media of all sorts such as – nonwoven fabric for filtration through meltblown, spun bond, activated carbon meltblown, and others. PP oil and chemical absorbent material is one of the most popular product-line from PARK Nonwoven, recognized globally. We have expert knowledge of which types of oil absorbents are most effective for which applications in nonwoven fabric line for various industries and applications such as – textiles, automotive, heavy industries, marine, geotextiles, health & hygiene, household, bags, etc.

PP Chemical Spill absorbent

Why Do You Need Oil Absorbents or Chemical Absorbents?

There are numerous oil absorbents available across the industry; however, one must be aware of why a particular product is necessary for many businesses. As a business, you need to know the right absorbent that can save the day in many different situations:

Oil Spills or Chemical Spillage: Spills are inevitable in certain industries, no matter how good your oil spill containment and prevention procedures are. Quickly containing and cleaning up a spill is critical for employee and customer safety. Oil Spill absorbents are even more critical especially if your workplace works with hazardous chemicals.

Oil leaks or Chemical Leaks: Hoses, pipes and valves can break down or wear out and require regular maintenance; however, you still cannot always rule-out all the leaks, so most businesses need a way to deal with leaks when they occur.

Packaging: While in transit or storing sometimes it is critical for manufacturers and shippers to control liquid and moisture [sometimes even moisture and some liquid products are hazardous and need liquid absorption if damaged inside the package].

We understand that there are businesses that are likely to encounter one or more of these problems at some point in time and have a plan in place for how to respond. This is where you require PP oil and chemical absorbents fabric from PARK Nonwoven.

PARK Non woven manufactures supreme-quality PP oil and chemical absorbents mats/pads for various industries. Check the complete product details here> https://www.parknonwoven.com/pp-oil-and-chemical-absorbent-material/

In order to completely understand which products work best and where and to prepare for the various types of spills you need to know about the various types of absorbents available at length:

Absorbents Pads:

Laminated oil and chemical absorbents pads are common packaging materials used in numerous industries today. PARK Non woven provide absorbent pads in various specifications and sizes for a variety of applications including Starting from absorbent in the food industry to medical and hygiene, absorbents are highly significant for the smooth running of your operations. Absorbents pads are critical elements in the packaging industry and poultry. It prevents food spillage, juices to meat leaking and

unappealing- unsanitary conditions. In the same manner, pharma and medical domains also use absorbent pads to deal with spillage and biohazards spills with the use of PP chemical absorbent pads/ mats.

PP chemical absorbent pads

Oil Absorbent Mat:

Oil spills can be among the most difficult and hazardous spillage to clean up, so it’s critical to have material to deal with such situations. Spill control material made-up of Polypropylene, commonly known as PP Oil absorbents or PP Chemical Spill absorbent is the most the standard choice for oil clean-up. Absorbents mat rolls are thrown before performing many messy procedures or use to line a workbench for constant oil control in many businesses. Absorbent socks are another primary way to clean-up oils These socks are long polypropylene mesh tubes with a PP filler that’s highly absorbents and resistant to harsh chemicals.

Best Oil Absorbent: Which Should You Use? 

If you need to control spills, leaks, moisture or drainage, or just about any other liquid ingress issue, PARK Non woven has a variety of options to meet your needs. From buying or ordering high-quality PP oil absorbent pads/ mats, you have all the options which will keep your client’s place workplace and products dry, safe, and functioning properly.

For any bulk orders, reach out to us over the phone or contact here and get a ready quote.


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