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What are Oil Absorbent Pads Made Of? Use of Absorbent Materials in Oil Spill Response

Widely used in spill response, oil absorbents materials or chemical absorbent materials are a game-changer in case of spills. Having said that it is important to employ the same with caution to minimise excessive use and products that are easy to retrieve, store and dispose. It must be used in the form of mats, booms, Chemical spill absorbing mat pads.

Oil Absorbent material comprises a wide range of biodegradable, polypropylene Meltblown Oil Absorbent Pads designed particularly in form of Chemical spill absorbing mat pads or booms to recover oil and other chemical spills. Their composition and configuration are dependent upon the material used and their application in response.

Park non Woven Oil Absorbent Pads

How do sorbents work?

A Chemical spill absorbing mat pads to act as a sorbent must attract oil preferentially to water i.e. – it should be oleophilic and hydrophobic. Sorbent materials must act by adsorption or less commonly by absorption. Both adsorb material, as well as absorbents, incorporate the oil or other liquid to be recovered into the body of the material. Although good quality true absorbents are very few – such as Al’ SORB products from PARK Nonwoven.

What are Oil Absorbent Pads made from?

Needless to say, that Oil Absorbent Pads are made up of Meltblown. This Meltblown Oil Absorption material is high in absorption capacity. As many of these oils are also highly flammable so spills need to be addressed as soon as they occur. Most of the oil absorbent pads are made with polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer. These are technical textile and repels water and are oleophilic.

Most of the oleophilic substances of which these Meltblown Oil Absorbent Pads are made up of is a relatively new addition to the industrial toolkit. It is interesting to know that the market for these oil/chemical absorbent materials is growing quickly. Good quality oil-absorbent pads or mats or even boons are made up of several layers of polypropylene so that these can clear up large amounts of oil quickly, as these materials are hydrophobic in nature, the water is left behind.

Meltblown Oil Absorbent Pads

Applications of Oil / Chemical Absorbent Material:

Oil absorbent material has several key applications in industrial settings as mentioned below. These are the uses of oil absorbent pads/mats, socks, and booms:

  • Cleaning leaks for heavy equipment
  • Maintaining clean and safe workspaces in automotive workshops
  • Cleaning of larger spills in industrial settings.
  • Spot cleaning of paints, oils, and other oil-based substances.

Containing Spills at The Time of Spill as They Occur

Many booms and pillows retain buoyancy, so they can absorb all oils and chemicals spill and discharges in pools of water and or oceans. Even where there is no water at the oil spills places, these oil specific Pad, oil absorbent material, meltblown oil absorbent pads can ease the clean-up and operations that keep a steady supply of oil-specific clean-up products to maintain safe, efficient workspaces.

Choosing Oil Absorbent Pads/ lint-free wipes for Spill Response

Choosing oil absorbent material and chemical absorbent material is tricky and buyers must do it carefully, the quality of the pads’ construction will determine its usefulness. AL’ SORB from PARK Group offers high-quality oil-absorbent products, chemical absorbent spill kits, chemical absorbent material, chemical spill absorbent mats pads, meltblown oil absorbent pads.

Popular options for the industrial Oil Spill Response include:

  • Oil/Chemical Absorbent Pads and Rolls: Oil absorbents rolls, and pads provide quick, simple clean-up and an excellent option for basic oil spills. These are mostly two-layer design to avoid abrasion or shredding.
  • Oil Selective Pillow /Socks: Designed for containment, these oil absorbent pillows act as a barrier to keep the spill from spreading and can be moulded to fit corners. It has an extremely high capacity of soaking up major spills.
  • Oil Absorbent Spill Kits: Good quality oil/ chemical spill kits are available in a variety of size. It includes loose sorbents, socks, pads, pillows, wipes, and mats/pads. This Oil absorbent kits offer a convenient way of keeping supplied with everything they need to treat spills.
  • Oil Selective Drum Pads: Oil Absorbent materials assist to contain leaks on drums, preventing small drips to get converted into serious hazards in the workplace. Ideal for drum storage areas, each pad is pre-cut to fit a 50-gallon drum.
  • Oil Selective Booms: Oil absorbent booms float on water and is used in selectively absorbing large oil spills on land to form an absorbent barrier and nylon mesh covering and full-length rope allows workers to deploy and retrieve the booms easily.

Buy oil absorbent/chemical absorbents from PARK Group to keep your business efficiently running, safe and begets high productivity. Contact us for bulk orders.

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